Walking in Cezanne’s Steps

We met the rest of our Tauck Culturious tour members yesterday afternoon for a brief walking tour of Aix en Provence, which ended in the rain. Then we had our welcome dinner at the hotel last night.  It looks like some fun tour members to get to know this trip.

Aix en Provence-18Aix en Provence-48Aix en Provence-49Aix en Provence-52Aix en Provence-56

Aix en Provence-60Aix en Provence-61Aix en Provence-62Aix en Provence-71Aix en Provence-72Aix en Provence-75Aix en Provence-83Aix en Provence-87Aix en Provence-89

Aix en Provence-iPhone-4
The gardens at le Piggonet

Aix en Provence-iPhone-5

This morning, May 30, 2016, dawned clear and bright after the rains. We started today off with a tour of Cezanne’s last studio just outside the town of Aix, and close to the hill where Cezanne used to climb to paint some of his views of Mt.  Ste. Victoire outdoors. The studio was lovingly maintained exactly as it had been when Cezanne was alive, and featured great memorabilia, such as his hat and overcoat (used for painting outdoors), his easels and paint boxes, and several vases and other items he used in many of the still-lifes he painted.

Aix en Provence-47
Cezanne’s Studio

Then it was off to to a local vineyard called Chateau la Coste, which not only produces wine, but has a great collection of outdoor sculpture installations. Our visit started with a  hike through the vineyards to view these art pieces, and then we had a superb lunch in the restaurant at the vineyard.

Chateau la Coste-7
The reflecting pond at the entrance to Chateau la Coste, complete with spider sculpture

Chateau la Coste-11Chateau la Coste-12Chateau la Coste-17Chateau la Coste-22

Chateau la Coste-2Chateau la Coste-29Chateau la Coste-34Chateau la Coste-36Chateau la Coste-38Chateau la Coste-40

Chateau la Coste-42
Frank Gehry-designed amphitheater 

Chateau la Coste-44Chateau la Coste-46Chateau la Coste-49

Chateau la Coste-5Chateau la Coste-6

Of course, no visit to a vineyard would be complete without a visit to the winery operations, which in the case here, take place in these amazingly futuristic looking steel hangars.

Chateau la Coste-52Chateau la Coste-54Chateau la Coste-60

With the remainder of our afternoon and evening on our own, we joined Liz and Scott in the gardens at le Piggonet, and then walked into town to dine at Chez Mitch, which was a great bistro featuring mostly seafood-oriented dishes in some creative and delicious preparations.  Tomorrow, we leave Aix, and venture into the Luberon area in Provence, higher up and more inland than our current location. I am very interested to see this area, as it was there that Peter Mayle lived, and described so fondly in his book, A Year in Provence.

Chateau la Coste-62
View from our room at le Piggonet
Chateau la Coste-63
Farewell, gardens!

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