Winemakers' dinner in Paso Robles, CA.
Winemakers’ dinner in Paso Robles, CA.

We are Stacy & Jim, a happily married couple living in Southern California.  After raising our children, caring for our aging parents and working for over 30 years, we are newly retired (or, as we like to say, “re-wired”) and ready to explore this wonderful world of ours.  This blog is our way of recording our adventures, sharing our experiences and musings, posting our photos, and hopefully, serving as a memory device so we might be able to remember how to get back to the places we loved.

Our interests are varied, including travel, art, architecture, customs and cultures of non-Americans, humor, geography, flora and fauna, history, photography, food, wine, hiking, diving, sailing, skiing, shopping (yes, it is a sport!), foreign languages, and human foibles.  Hopefully, you can find something in these posts that interests you, even if you don’t share all these interests (as we don’t both share all of them either). So come along with us on our journeys and laugh at the predicaments we will undoubtedly experience. Vaya con gringos!

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Stacy and Jim-
    I have enjoyed following you on your blog. We met on your Antarctica cruise – had dinner with you one night with 2 of the junior officers. My husband and I will be doing a big trip this fall and I want to blog it. Would you recommend this wordpress blog? Any hints or helps would be great. You can email me at bettebatson422@gmail. com

    Have you finished your travels yet? Great trip and great information from you. Thanks for sharing.



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