Aix Marks the Spot!

Today, May 28, 2016, Jim and I awoke in our lovely hotel in Aix en Provence, the Hotel le Piggonet, and enjoyed a quiet breakfast outside in the garden. I don’t what we’re going to do when we go home and can’t have chocolate croissants every morning for breakfast any more!

Aix en Provence-1

Aix en Provence-15Aix en Provence-16

Our tour doesn’t formally start until tomorrow, but we expect our friends from a tour last year, Scott and Liz, to join us this afternoon. However, in the meantime, Jim and I are off to explore the town of Aix. It’s Saturday here, and there are at least four outdoor markets to investigate. I can’t wait!!!!

The first market we explore is the fruits and vegetables market. What a riot of color!  Summer produce is is full ripeness now and the the displays are really stunning. Being as that we’re in Provence, there We think briefly about buying some more saucisson (cured salami) but since we’re still toting around two salamis from our market day in Giverny, we quickly nix that idea. Sorry, Jay!

Aix en Provence-2Aix en Provence-4

Aix en Provence-iPhone-1Then its off to the flower market. The peonies are blooming now and they are luscious. I thought about buying some for our hotel room, but decided we only had three day left to enjoy them here. Finally, Jim endured a visit to the hand crafts and clothing market., where I bought some more herbs du Provence and tea towels to bring home in yummy colors.  After that, I had to reward him for his good patience, so we had lunch at a cafe on one of the squares, and then returned to the hotel.

Aix en Provence-7Aix en Provence-9Aix en Provence-5

Aix en Provence-11Aix en Provence-12Aix en Provence-13

Liz and Scott arrived late in the afternoon, and we had a bottle of chilled rose waiting for them.

Aix en Provence-14

We returned to the same square where we had lunch to try another restaurant, Les Philosophes, which was excellent.  We’re all looking forward to the beginning of our tour tomorrow, which kicks off with a walking tour of the town of Aix.  Sweet Dreams!

2 thoughts on “Aix Marks the Spot!”

  1. We know you would! We actually finally ate the last of the remaining saucisson in the middle of Provence. Check out the latest post for a pic of a lovely SLAB of foie gras. Suffice it to say, I’ve been dieting since we got back!!


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