The Gringos Are On the Road Again

Oct. 20, 2016:

Dear Readers:

After almost two months at home (yes, it’s true …we do stay home occasionally), we are setting off on what is, even for us, a wild adventure.  We are sitting in the Admirals Club awaiting our flight to Lisbon, where we will embark upon a small ship adventure from Lisbon, Portugal  to Cape Town, South Africa.


Along the way, we will visit the island chains of the Madeira Islands, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands, before we travel down the west coast of Africa. We stop in the countries of Senegal, Gambia,  Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Sao Tome & Principe, Namibia, and South Africa. Our adventure concludes with a couple of days in Cape Town, where we plan to go wine tasting one day, and on a visit to a game preserve, before we fly home.

One fun thing we decided to do this trip was to create un-business cards for ourselves, so we could stay in touch with folks we meet in our travels, and help them become “Readers” like you.  Our friend, Kate Braid, at Hungry Dog Printing, designed these cool cards for us.



Hungry Dog Printing is a local Long Beach business and we are happy to support them! (

Well, they’re calling our flight. Join us on a new adventure. In other words, “go with the gringos”!


7 thoughts on “The Gringos Are On the Road Again”

  1. Happy trails McDaniel’s! Looking forward to all the updates while I sit at my desk, in my office, full of stacks of papers and files. Haha. Y’all enjoy for me.


  2. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your trip, Stacy. It has been fun reading your posts and the pictures are wonderful!


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