Bye Bye to British Columbia

Sunday, July 24th: Today dawned bright and beautiful, and we went over to Trafalgars’ Bistro to have an alfresco brunch with our friends, Kay and Chris, who are joining us for our cruise.  Sadly, Kay and Chris had experienced the flight from hell, so they didn’t land until 5 this morning. Nonetheless, we all had a super brunch, and then had a cab driver give us a mini tour of Vancouver for Kay and Chris’ benefit.

Vancouver Pano-1


Vancouver-354Vancouver-358Vancouver-363-2First up on the agenda was a visit to the totems in Stanley Park.  It was a wonderful day to introduce Kay and Chris to the wonderful views across the bay at downtown Vancouver.  I’m really glad we came back to visit the totems as they are a lovely expression of the First People’s art!


Then we took a drive around the peninsula on which Stanley Park is located. From several points, we had killer views of the bay and Lion’s Gate Bridge.  We even got a rare shot across the bridge from a vantage point high above its approach.  But then, it was time to embark on our ship, the Holland American ship, the Noordam.



Our cruise will take us up the Inward Passage through British Columbia, with our first port call in Ketchikan early Tuesday morning. Welcome aboard!


Inland Passage-1Inland Passage-4Inland Passage-5

One thought on “Bye Bye to British Columbia”

  1. I don’t know how you got her there but cheers! I’ll be watching and traveling with you from a far. All the best and happy trails!


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