A View on Vancouver

Stardate:  July 22, 2016:  Today we landed in Vancouver in preparation for our cruise to Alaska. But first, we had some sightseeing to do, and checking out some real estate in case Donald Trump wins the election (just kidding!)




Upon arrival, Jim and I walked down to the False Creek area of Vancouver, and saw these cute little ferry boats working between our shore and Granville Island, and back to the Yaletown area, as well as some other tourist spots.



So we took the ferry to Granville Island and walked around some. The island is really small, but chock full of restaurants, shops, theaters, and bars, as well as a really cool Public Market that definitely gives Seattle’s Pike Place a run for its money!


Vancouver-8After a glass of wine and a snack at one of the waterside restaurants, we took the ferry over to the Yaletown area, where we walked along the really cool seawall bike/pedestrian path.  Vancouver has tons of these pathways throughout the city and they make for a very pleasant walkable town!


We took the ferry back over to Granville Island to eat dinner and had a really good seafood dinner looking out over the water.  By this time it was close to 9:30, and we were pooped so we headed back across False Creek to walk back to the hotel.  Along the way, we enjoyed a really great sunset, and stopped in at the wine bar in our lobby to sample some Okanagan (British Columbia) wines.



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