Farewell to Cassis; Hello to Aix

Jim and I have spent the last two days lazing around in the sunshine by the sea in Cassis. Yesterday, after having a very lazy morning, with a couple of café au lasts, and updating the blog, we walked down to the harbor, and walked around watching everyone having fun on the water. Then we had a great lunch of fresh seafood right on the harbor, and then caught the little sight-seeing train which went to a nearby bay and back.  This town is very cool, in that  in addition to the charms of the seaside, there are tons of wine grapes growing on the slopes rising out of the town, which grow some of the best rosé wines we’ve tasted yet.  We finished our day with dinner at another great harbor side restaurant, Nino’s where we watched the sun set on the calques and the medieval fort right above the town.


The Camargue-8The Camargue-9The Camargue-13The Camargue-14

The Camargue-18The Camargue-22The Camargue-25The Camargue-27

The Camargue-28The Camargue-36The Camargue-39The Camargue-41The Camargue-44The Camargue-45

Friday, May 27, we had another lovely lazy day to while away in Cassis!  Our first order of business was to take the sightseeing boat which visits the seaside coves formed by most of the calques.  Our friend, Rob, was right, though. Seeing three of the calques was definitely enough!  So we packed up the car and on the way out of town, stopped at the vineyard of Domaine du Paternal to pick up some rosé to drink with our friends Liz and Scott when they join us on the next tour starting Sunday.





With great memories of Cassis, we left our seaside abode, and traveled via Marseilles to the town of Aix en Provence; home to Paul Cezanne and Émile Zola. But first, we had to actually get to the airport in Marseilles to turn in our rental car and catch our transfer to Aix. Suffice it to say, we saw more of downtown Marseilles than we had intended, and we were very happy to turn the rental car in, and leave the driving to someone else!

More tomorrow, but our hotel in Aix is a lovely oasis of calm and old world beauty situated about three blocks out of the main old part of town. We enjoyed an aperitif in the garden, and dined outdoors. Tomorrow, we’ll do more exploration of Aix.

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