Boats Do Roam Through the Côtes du Rhône

Today, May 21, we awoke in Avignon, sailed to Chateauneuf du Pape, and ended the day sailing to the twin towns of Tain l’Hermitage and Tourneys. Wow!

The planned activity for the morning was a four hour bus trip to the villages of the Luberon region, and required a fairly early roll out time. Since we were going to visit the same villages on a later tour, and since I was behind in finding fast enough Internet to update the blog, Jim and I opted to go into Avignon for a coffee instead, at some place which might have passably fast WiFi (pronounced “wee fee” in French).  I hope our loyal readers appreciate our sacrifice! I appreciated the extra sleep.

Watch Poodle
Watch Poodle


We also explored the food halls of Avignon, which were not as fancy as those of Lyon, were packed with locals doing their weekly shopping.  The produce and flowers were astonishing, and we had fun checking out the local specialties.


After a lunchtime sail up the Rhône to Chateauneuf du Pape, we jumped aboard our busses to visit the vineyards and tasting room (le Cave) of Les Vergers des Papes.  The ship had docked fairly close to the vineyards, and the drive to Les Vergers was beautiful. Le Mistral had died down almost completely and it was a warm beautiful day!   Our tasting was conducted on the patio of Les Vergers, which had a beautiful view overlooking the valley, and then we got to visit the caves. The earliest part of the caves date back to Roman times, and there is also a medieval ruin on the property.


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