Vive la France!

Dear Readers:


Sorry for the long absence, but the Gringos are back on the road. Greetings from the City of Light!  Jim and I flew out at “o’dark-thirty” yesterday morning, catching a connection in Dallas, and woke up this morning in fair Paris!

although we will be here for 5 days in total, we begin our visit in an apartment in the third arrondissement (neighborhood/commune) of Paris known as Le Marais. We are very close to the Bastille and the Pompidou center, in a charming flat close to all manner of shops, restaurants and bars.  after checking in and cleaning up, ventured out to buy a few groceries for breakfast and to get our Metro tickets.




Since it started to rain almost as soon as we headed out on our walk, we decided a small lunch was in order, and as we dined, we watched the rain fall.  And, of course, since spring is here, we decided a glass of rosé was in order!


Even with the rain, Paris is lovely, with all the trees, and especially the lilacs in bloom.  We even saw some of the early cherries at the greengrocer down the street! We finished up our walk with a visit to the tiny park dedicated to Anne Frank. We’re looking forward to another day of explorations tomorrow!




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