Rain Delay!

Thursday, September, 24, 2015:

So much for our great plan to spend the day by the pool!  We awoke to grey skies and a weather forecast predicting 100% chance of rain along with some thunderstorms.  We had a leisurely breakfast and set off for a walk around the grounds of our hotel property.  I showed Mark, Kathy & Jim the beach club just in time for the skies to open up and dump rain, with occasional spectacular thunder and lightning.  We adapted by ducking under a canopy around the poolside bar and watching the rain come down in sheets.  In fact, it was so wet that one of the cats that hangs around the hotel jumped up on a luggage cart, where it slept out of the rain all afternoon.

Basically, it poured down rain most of the day, but truthfully, we really enjoyed having a down day reading, editing photos and sipping cappuccinos!  The rain is largely responsible for my being able to keep you readers quasi-up-to-date.  By late afternoon, the skies had cleared and the sun peeked around the clouds to make quite the light show.

Dubrovnik Day 3 5

About 6:30, we finally met up with our fellow tour members.  As it turns out, most of our group is from California.  We did a brief orientation walk around our hotel with our tour guide, JD, and then had dinner and went to bed. But, hey! Not all the weather wonder was done! At 3:00 a.m., it sounded like the end of the world was upon us.  Even though our room is on the ground level, it sounded like someone was dropping golf balls on our roof, and that the heavens were splitting open right over us.  When we looked outside, we could see hail stones the size of ice cubes.  It was wild!  Sure hope it clears up enough for us to go tromp around the old city of Dubrovnik in the morning!

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