All Good Things Come To An End

Dear Readers:

Well, we’ve made it through 76 posts together, but our formal tour of Colombia is ending, and I’ve got to sign off from South America so we can begin a new adventure.  However,I’ve managed to delay these postings so much that you can look forward to our next post from Croatia in just a few days.

The last day of our Colombia tour (May,16, 2015) began with a tour of the old Spanish fortress in weather that was so hot and humid it made you want to howl! Our patience was rewarded with a stop at the emerald museum. Sure, it was educational and we even got to try our hands at grinding emeralds, but let’s get real …. it was all about the shopping opportunity!  I had been waiting for this day for the whole time we were in South America!

Cartagena 2 5 Cartagena 2 4 Cartagena 3 (1)

Cartagena 2 5

Cartagena 2 2

Cartagena 16

At the Emerald Museum
At the Emerald Museum

Cartagena Day 3 6

At the Emerald Museum
At the Emerald Museum

Then it was on to a serious endeavor.  Our next stop was at the home of the family of Alex Rocha, a trip leader who has started a foundation for the youth in his comunidad, the neighborhood of San Francisco, where the kids learn how to speak English so they can get better-paying jobs.

Cartagena Day 3 4

Cartagena 2 1

We had lunch in Alex’s home with his wife and four children, all of whom help out with the foundation, in addition to their studies and jobs.  we then visited the community center the foundation has built. The kids were really amazing, and we gave them an impromptu English lesson.  If you want to learn more about Alex and  his foundation , check out these links:

After lunch we were on our own in Cartagena for a few hours until our farewell dinner.  Ernesto arranged carriage rides for us on the way to the restaurant where we had dinner.  This has been such a fun bunch that we will miss them. Monday, we’re  off to the Rosario Islands (off the coast of Cartagena) so Jim can get his SCUBA certification.  I think you can look forward to future posts from some great dive spots!

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