Adios to the Amazon

Today we arose at … you guessed it … 5:30, so we could see the “meeting of the waters”. This is a World Heritage Site, where the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes come together. It’s really an impressive sight, because as we’ve reported, the water of the Rio Negro really is black, while the waters of the Solimoes are a muddy brown.  The waters really are distinctly different and don’t mix right away because the two rivers are of very different densities and turbidities. Technically, this is where these two great rivers become the Amazon. This also was the furthest east we would venture into Amazonas.

Meeting of the Waters (Amazon)
Meeting of the Waters (Amazon)


The ship then turned around to sail back toward our disembarkation at the dock of the Tropical Manaus in preparation for our departure to the Pantanal. But there was still one more bit of Amazonian magic to enjoy first!

We stopped at a spot called January Lake (Lago de January), to view the giant water lilies.


And then we left Amazonia on our way to the Pantanal.

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