Trekking Through Buenos Aires

Friday was a day for us to explore northern BA. We started out from our Hotel in the Recoleta and headed parallel to the river on Liberacion. Of course, we made several stops at some of the finer shopping establishments that Stacy had mapped out. The problem is we are so weight restricted, we can’t really buy much. That being said we are planning to send a full suitcase with some purchases and our Antarctica gear back with our friend, Rebecca, when she rendezvous with us in Mendoza later in the trip.

Back to the walk: the idea was to walk along the parks and shaded streets among embassy row into the heart of Palermo, then turn west and head up to the other Palermo neighborhoods: Palermo SOHO and Palermo Hollywood. Stacy had researched some interesting shops in the later two neighborhoods.

The weather was warm and mild, perfect for walking. We stopped near the center of Palermo and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe (loving that cafe lifestyle) before making the turn west at the liberation monument.

Around Buenos Aires 2

Then we walked by the zoo and headed up into SOHO. We took a little detour and visited a custom boot maker’s shop. Nothing there really caught our eye but we stumbled upon a brand new outlet mall that reminded us of stores Meredith and Angie would love.

We left Hollywood and headed back to SOHO. After a few blocks of drab looking buildings we entered a wonderful little neighborhood called Palermo Viejo. Very cute shops. Lots of families walking around the streets, and not many tourists. We stopped at a little wine bar/cafe near the Plaza de Serrano and had a glass of wine. We chatted up an old lady at the next table who had a little dog. In our broken and halting Spanish and her limited English we managed to compare notes on our respective dogs and share stories. When we got up to leave, she gave us both hugs, and the customary Argentinian kiss on the cheek.. We REALLY liked this neighborhood. We are definitely going to check out a VRBO there for our next visit.

We had one more shop to track down on our shopping safari and we found Humawaca (great leather goods) just a few blocks away. Stacy bought some very nice leather goods at a great discount by paying in US dollars.

We had now walked over 8 miles and we we needed to be back for our a Tauck kick-off party by 6:30 and we had one more stop to make. So we grabbed a taxi (taxis here are very reasonable), and headed back across town to our leather coat shop to pick up our new custom-made coats. They came out gorgeous. What a great deal.

Coats in hand we walked the final leg back to the Cesar Park/Brick so we could clean up a bit before meeting our travel companions for the next two weeks.

Tango Demonstration  Tango DemonstrationTango Demonstration  Tango Demonstration

One thought on “Trekking Through Buenos Aires”

  1. Here in Newport Beach enjoying your blueberry jam on toast and enjoying your posts. It’s as if we are there, only we’re not. Boo.


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