Montevideo Day 2

We woke up (yes, late again) to a driving rainstorm. We had planned to take a taxi out to a winery in countryside outside of the city, but the storm is supposed to last all day and neither of us was really excited about going out in that. So we decide to take a day off from our vacation and just hang.

Stacy was dying to get her manicure repaired, so after a nice breakfast in the flat, she set out to find a nail shop she had researched on the Internet. Nail shops are not nearly as prevalent in South America as back in So Cal so she had her work cut out for her. In order to do so, she had to learn all sorts of new Spanish words surrounding getting a manicure/pedicure.  Now, class, here is your Spanish lesson for the day:  the word for fingernails is uñas de dados (or just uñas, for short). A manicure is una manicura, whereas a pedicure is una pedicura. However, Stacy needed to get her acrylic nails filled (las uñas acrilicas llenada), so she needed to get (necesita obtener) an appointment (una cita) for that afternoon (esta tarde).  Once she had this figured out, then she had to find a nail shop which worked in acrylic nails, and then she had to call an make the appointment.  Amazingly, she was able to make herself understood , and off she went. Aren’t you glad you can now do this for yourself in a Spanish-speaking country?!!!

I returned to Brasilero for a sandwich and a glass of wine–really nice place.

That night, failing again to find any restaurant other than a pizza joint or a snack shop open in the Ciudad Vieja (the old town), we returned to Dueto for our third dinner. Yum!

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