Montevideo Day 1

We arrived at the peak of a heat wave here in Montevideo. Fortunately, our flat at Casa Sarandi has excellent AC, so we slept well. After all the early morning wake up calls on the Patagonia trip, it was very nice to just sleep in without an alarm!!!!!!

We got up late (did I already say that?), and had a leisurely breakfast at a local restaurant called Brasilero that our landlady, Karen, recommended. We walked around the old city, and headed down the pedestrian street to the port. There was lots of smoke in the air as preparation for lunch at the many asado restaurants was in full swing. Stacy was able to find our favorite travel souvenir– Christmas ornaments from the places we visit.

Montevideo 1

Montevideo 2

Montevideo 3 (1)

Montevideo 3

Montevideo 4 (1)

Montevideo 4

Montevideo 5 (1) Montevideo 5

Montevideo 6 (1)

Montevideo 6

They do a big Carnival show here but it looks like the performances are on the weekends so we will miss that but we walked by the grounds and it looks like it would be an impressive show.

At this point of the day it was getting quite hot so we headed back to the guest house for a little siesta (when in Rome and all that) before heading out again. In the late afternoon we went to the newer part of town and walked around the Plaza de Indepencia. Not a whole lot going on but some interesting architecture.

Montevideo 7 (1) Montevideo 8 (1)

Montevideo 8

Montevideo 10

Montevideo 20

Montevideo 11 (1)

I’d bought some gin from the duty free shop on the boat coming over so we retired back to the flat and had G&Ts for happy hour while we enjoyed the AC and fast internet connection (the things we take for granted back home).

Interestingly, we picked several possible restaurant choices for dinner and they were ALL CLOSED on a Tuesday night. Not sure what that was about so we went back to Dueto and had a fabulous dinner from the a la carte menu this time.

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