Stone Temple Pilots

This is Jim. First, let me apologize for the title of this post. Stacy insisted, in keeping with the theme she started ( although I have to admit the idea occurred to me when I saw the band name on a guy’s t-shirt in Santiago).

Playa Ovahe

Let’s see….we left off after our sunrise picture-taking adventure in Easter Island. You saw the pictures……Stacy did a fantastic job, right? Well, after the early morning drive on Tuesday we used the rental car to visit the only other sandy beach on Easter Island, Ovahe.

Playa Ovahe

It was very remote and you had to drive a half mile down a dirt road and walk across a lava flow to get to the beach. We drove the first part and just look at the beach from there. Quite a nice little spot. After that we picked up some wine for happy hour with our new friends from Canada and went back to the hotel and turned the car in. Lunch was at a nice little ocean-front restaurant, Haka Honu. After a little pool time we had dinner (after happy hour with Rob and Karen) at Te Moana, one of the nicer places on the Island. A great end to our Easter Island adventure.

Wednesday was a travel day. Business class to Santiago (nice!) and Tauck was there to pick us up for our trip to the Singular Hotel in downtown Santiago.

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