Easter Island Finally!

This is Jim writing. Stacy and I decided we would both write posts (this was quite a negotiation). You are going to get multiple perspectives–no extra charge.

You were probably wondering what happened to us yesterday. It was such a long day and so depressing we couldn’t write anything yesterday. Let me briefly recap yesterday (and then we can move on to the more enjoyable today–Saturday): our luggage didn’t leave LA with us, our flight out of Santiago was delayed 5 hours and the airline didn’t want to talk to us. Fortunately, our vayacongringos support team (aka Ryan) got on the horn to LAN Airlines and figured out what happened to our luggage. Apparently the baggage belt at LAX broke and or bags never went to the plane. Anyway, at about 10:00 pm Santiago time we finally took off for Easter Island and landed at a little before 1:00 am. The bags are supposed to follow.

It was nice to sleep in a real bed. We woke up in this island paradise. It is sort of similar to Tahiti (where we visited almost a year ago) but with a Latin American vibe. Stacy and I had a great day (after sleeping in) walking around Hanga Roa. We ate lunch at a great little waterfront restaurant that Stacy brilliantly decided to dine at. About 2 minutes after we went in, the rain started to pour. We had wonderful seafood salads and some great Chilean Chardonnay. We then explored the town, looking at the local Moais. Hanga Roa, Easter IslandThe rain came back with a vengeance and we hunkered in a little cave along the coast with a bunch of Italian tourists for almost an hour until it cleared. Hanga Roa, Easter Island

Our hotel, the Puku Vai, is very nice. We spent some time talking to the gal working the desk this afternoon. Her name is Zoe and she grew up in Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) but went to school in Australia and had a lovely accent. She gave us a great tip for dinner and we had a wonderful oceanfront seafood meal (Stacy will post pix). Fabulous sunset.Easter Island

Today’s flight from Santiago still didn’t have our clothes but there is always tomorrow………

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